Our girl is 2 years old today!!!



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  Merry Christmas from Bashira family!!!


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We were at the vet for first vaccination and microchip. Puppies were very brave ! Now they are sleeping tight.


Thank you Antonija for your help!


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17. - 18.11.2012.

CACIB Zagreb I i II (Zagreb, Croatia)


17.11.2012. ~ CACIB Zagreb

Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT)


Males - junior class:

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Excellent 1, JCAC

Females - junior class:

Anansi Zarina Zina ~ Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

Gwen -Do-Line Des Terres Oceanes ~ Excellent 2

Anansi Zindua Zia ~ Excellent 3

Hoshi from Mapabebe ~ Excellent 4

18.11.2012. ~ CACIB Zagreb

Judge: Maria Grazia Miglietta (I)


Males - junior class:

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Excellent 1, JCAC/Zagreb Junior Winner, JBOB, BOB

Females - junior class:

Anansi Zindua Zia ~ Excellent 1, JCAC/Zagreb Junior Winner

Hoshi from Mapabebe ~ Excellent 2



Specialty show FCI 5 group (Zagreb, Croatia)

Judge: Phyllis Poduschka Aigner (A)


Males - junior class:

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Excellent 1, JCAC/Junior Club Winner

Females - junior class:

Anansi Zarina Zina ~ Excellent 1, JCAC/Junior Club Winner, JBOB, BOB

Anansi Zindua Zia ~ Excellent 2



  Puppies names are chosen!

  Names ~ Theme ~ USA City/State


  Bashira Avalon California ~ Boy 1

  Bashira Aspen Colorado ~ Boy 2

  Bashira Archer Florida ~ Boy 3

  Bashira Akron Alabama ~ Boy 4

  Bashira Abba Georgia ~ Girl




Puppies 3 week old!


Only 1 male available.



Find more details here.





Bashira kennel team of 22 October has a new member!


22 October 2012th Toma Šimunec was born!





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Asali gave birth to 4 males and 1 female!


Only 2 males available.



Find more details  here.





Asali was the X - ray !!!


We expected 5 puppies soon.




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We were on the set for the television show "Home Pets" !!!


The show will be broadcast on Sutarday, 29.09.2012. at 10:10 AM on HTV, first channel.






08.09.2012. CAC Karlovac


Judge: Dubravka Reicher (HR)

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Dexter

Excellent, Best Junior, JBOB, BOB and BOG1 !!!


Jana and Dexter won 3rd place in Junior Handling


First time in Junior Class on national dog show.

We are so proud !




Asali is pregnanat !!!


We saw 5 pupies at least.









After 4 days in Germany, 30:15 hours in the car and 2650 kilometers we finally can announce that our Olabisi Chinali Asali has mated with beautiful boy C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy.


Thank you Noel Baaser for all your help, everything you've done for us and for making this breeding possible.


Now we can only wait and hope we weren't too late and eventually have some

puppies !!!



The progesterone results from vet in Köln - 36,6ng !



Today progesterone level was 3.25ng sowe are heading to Aachen tomorrow early in the morning. Hopefully they will mate successfully !


Asali's progesterone level today was 0,45ng. We hope it will continue to grow and that will be ready 6 day from now !



We took another progesterone test today and Asali's values are 0,1ng - So we still have time and we have to wait...
We will retest her on Thursday.



Asali has obviously decided to surprise us ... yesterday she start the heat !!!






CAC Velika Gorica ~ Turopolje Winner , Jana and Dexter won the 2nd place in Junior Handling



Judge: Jadranka Mijatović (HR)

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Very promissing

Olabisi Chinue Asali ~ Excellent, CAC, BOB


I'm very proud of our princess !




Asali and Dexter ~ First lure coursing in Ljubljana.


Asali's first lure coursing with hurdling ~ Video


Dexter & Zina (Anansi Zarina Zina) on their first lure coursing ~ Video





CACIB Varaždin ~ Suntribe's Above The Horizon "Dexter", his 1st show ~ BIS BABY !!!



Judge: Rita Reyniers (B)

Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Very promissing, BIS BABY

Olabisi Chinue Asali ~ Very good


We are so happy and proud !




After a month of preparation and planning our second Basenji, male Sutribe's Above the Horizon name "Dexter" has finally arrived in Zagreb!
Dexter comes from Sweden
Suntirbe's Empire kennel, owned by Elisabeth Wannerbo, and is jointly owned with our dear friend Tisa Novak from Slovenia, kennel Anansi.
Dexter will live with us and with our Olabisi Chinua Asali - "Asali" and hope that he will develop into a very perspective male in this part of Europe. We consider him very important in our breeding plans for Bashira and Anansi kennel.

More about Dexter can be seen on his

The whole story of how we managed to get exactly this male is quite amazing, and we like to think that this has to be fate.


It was very difficult to organize Dexter's arrival in Croatia and we would like to take this opportunity once again to thank special friends – Tisa Novak and Pavle Dolinšek who went on the road on Wednesday, 03.05. 2012th, in very early morning hours (1 AM) so they could come on time to Vienna airport. Tisa, in these 3 days in Sweden had very little sleep since she had return on Saturday/Sunday from Motala to Stockholm and traveled all night. Upon arrival in Vienna Tisa and Paul headed straight to Croatia so that her travel lasted more than 12 hours!

A big thank goes to Michelle Oljemark ~ Sundevils Baseniji  for all the advices and the organization, Linda Ekman for help with transportation and of course Elisabeth Wennerbo for the wonderful hospitality, help with vaccinations, documentation, and Dexter of course!


Without you all this would not have been possible!

Dexter quickly find his way in the new environment and our family. It is a special feeling to have two Basenjis in the house and it's hard to imagine that before it was only Asali. Dexter is a wonderful boy, very attached to all family members. He loves to cuddle and be close to us in every moment. He is very quiet and calm dog.

Thanks to the first Tisa’s litter and wonderful friends who have become owners of Anansi puppies here in Zagreb, I can proudly say that Dexter and Asali are very happy Basenji because they have the opportunity at least once a week to socialize with other four Basenji nearby river Sava.


All images can be viewed in the Gallery or  Facebook page.


Thank you all !!!


28.04. - 30.04.2012.


CACIB Zadar 28. i 30.04.!


1.day ~ Excll. CAC, CACIB and BOB - under judge Joan Walsh (IRL)
2.day ~
Excll. CAC, CACIB and BOB - under judge Damir Skok (HR)

Three basenjis entered:
Faraoland Sigi Freud (M) - Junior Class
Maurizio Ferrini

Jasiri-Sukari Bucking the Trind (M) - Champion Class
Owners: Jones Julie&Kathleen

OLABISI CHINUE ASALI (F) – Intermediate Class

Owner: Nikolina Šimunec


Find more details from the Show here.

17.03.2012. Dog Revue

On Saturday March the 17th 2012 on the parking lot at Getro Novi Zagreb, organized by Mr. Antun Ponos was held a Dog Revue. They have invited all dogs (mixed breeds, dogs with no pedigree and purebred dogs). Assessment dog upon entering the exhibition space was a descriptive character, and it marks the NICE, LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL and ASTONISHING. Descriptions had different points that were tallied at the end and so they get the first three dogs in a specific category.

Asali and our youngest daughter Katija won third place in the category of pedigree dogs! The girls performed fantastically, and Katija was delighted and very proud!


Show was really entertaining and we hung out and spent a pleasant time. Dog Revue was filmed for broadcast in the TV show "Home Pets" on HTV1.



The TV show should be on Saturday, 24.03.2012. at 10:10 AM.


Video: Dog Revue ~ Finale

Video: Dog Revue ~ Appearance



Asal's got breeding license!


On Saturday, on the location KOSSP Zagreb (Polygon sporting clubs for training and working dogs)  held  Breeding  examination.   Asali  has got excellent opinion, praise, and most importantly - a license for breeding.


Breeding examination is compulsory for all males and females of official sports and breeds of dogs, with whom we want to do breeding in the Croatian Kennel Club.



03. - 04.03.2012. CACIB Zagreb


CACIB ZAGREB I i II ~ We are eagerly awaiting this exhibition in order to have the opportunity to close the Croatian Junior Championship. This has already accomplished the first day when Asali  got title excellent, JCAC, JBOB and BOB and only title JCAC was enough to become CRO JCH! The other day we repeated the previous and went back home with great titles, again excellent, JCAC, JBOB and BOB.


This was the last show in Junior class for Asali. From now we will enter the exhibition in a group of adult dogs, where we will be pursuing the CAC and CACIB titles which we are particularly looking forward and to be able to hunt the "real" championship!


I also hope that we will soon meet a lot more on basenji in Croatian exhibitions because there are three beautiful puppies from Slovenia that came to Croatia. They are from the first litter in kennel Anansi of my dear friend Tisa Novak. Two of three of them, male and female, will live in Zagreb, and the third (male) in Trogir.

In addition to a litter from Slovenia we have Croatian one in the house! In 2011 Croatia was received the first Basenji litter after a few years in the kennel  From Mapabebe.  We wish a welcome to Mapabebe male that arrived in Zagreb.


We look forward to the new basenji, wonderful companionship, long walks in which we have already begun to enjoy. Images can be viewed in the Gallery.


Welcome! ... you have been waiting for!




We have done one of extremely important medical tests to us but not obligatory for the breed to make sure the puppies will be healthy. Asali had done X-ray of the hips in our veterinary clinic "Buba" and we carry a picture to Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb to get a result. The hips were evaluated with the highest rating possible: HD - A so we were quite happy.


Second, from a total of four medical tests are behind us. Now we are waiting for an eye and thyroid tests. This we'll do in Ljubljana several months from now.




The owner and administrator of the dogs Portal VauVau Andreja Cipriš asked me to write an article about the Basenji breed. This article was published 20th of February 2012 on Web site: http://www.vauvau.net/

I sincerely hope that this article will help all dog lovers to learn more about the Basenji breed.


14. - 15.01.2012. CACIB Ljubljana


CACIC LJUBLJANA I and II ~ Two days at the International Dog Show in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was very successful for us. First day Asali got her third Best Junior, JCAC title (under Judge Miroslaw Redlicki, Poland) and became Slovenian Junior Champion (SLO JCH).

That day entered four basenjis, three in the Junior Class and one in Open Class.




Junior Class:

Zahleka Alfred Aramis (M), excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

Olabisi Chinue Asali  (F), excellent 1, JCAC

Justine Ekibondo (F), excellent 2


Open Class:

Žadi (F), excellent, CAC, CACIB


Second day was even more successful! Asali won excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, title Slovenian Junior Winner and CRUFTS Qualification (under Judge Igor Selimović, Croatia) competing with two basenjis. In BIS ring we weren't lucky enough but we had such a good time.




Junior Class:

Zahleka Alfred Aramis (M), excellent 1, JCAC

Olabisi Chinue Asali  (F), excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

Justine Ekibondo (F), excellent 2


Find more details from the Show here.




Our first business card is finished. Thank you Robert Han from HIP Print Studio for made this happen !