24.12.2014. Day 44. for our Abba! Looking nice and "fat"!









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11.12.2014. Abba on the Ultrasound!


We were on the Ultrasound today.  Pregnancy confirmed!

We expect puppies around January, 12th, 2015!

09.12.2014. Dexter become a father!



Today our Dexter again become a father!!!


Anansi Zarina Zina "Zinka" gave birth to 1 male and 5 females, all red/white!

One girl is still available.


More details  www.anansi-loa.com  and  www.facebook.com/AnansiBasenji



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11.11.2014. Our C litter expected around 11th January 2015!



  Red/white and tricolor puppies expected around 11th January 2015 if everything goes as planned!!!

  After long anticipation, stress and a lot of progesterone tests we finally meet THE day. Now we can just hope  

  that our "Dexter", JCH, CH HR Suntiribe's Above The Horizon and our sweet little "Abba",  JCH HR Bashira

  Abba Georgia, will give us puppies in the begging of the year 2015.

 I am very thankful for all of you who were there for me, who gave me support during this stressful time.

  Thank you all so much! Without you I would be lost.


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05.10.2014. CACIL Zagreb, Kerestinec


  Judges: Gustaaf Gillemot (B) & Emese Gyollai (H)


  Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ "Dexter", CACL, 355 points, 1.place

  Olabisi Chinue Asali ~ "Asali", RCACL, 334 points, 2.place




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20.09.2014. CAC Karlovac


  Judge: Barbka Novak (SLO)


  Puppy class:

  Bashira Buzz Lightyear ~ Very promissing


  Champion class:

  Suntribe's Above The Horizon ~ Excellent, CAC, BOS


  Intermediate class:

  Bashira Abba Georgia ~ Excellent, CAC




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24.05.2014. CACIB Varaždin


   Judge: Zdenka Jilkova (CZ)


   Abba's first dog show in adult class and she did excellent job!

   She got awesome description, and behave so nice!


   Females - intermediate class:

   Bashira Abba Georgia ~ Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB


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11.05.2014. Lure Coursing, Zagreb, Rakitje


  Olabisi Chinue Asali - "Asali" got Lure Coursing license


  HR license are laid:


  1. Ina's Fashion Amazing (Adele), greyhound - 174 points

  2. Hugo From Mapabebe, basenji - 174 points

  3. Olabisi Chinue Asali, basenji - 170 points

  4. Kollaps Skirk, greyhound - 164 points


   Photogallery here                                                                                             Video










13.03.2014. Our last puppy left us yesterday



  He will live in Zagreb, near us, in a lovely family with two boys!

  Good luck little guy, you'll be missed



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10.03.2014. Four out of five puppies left our home this weekend



Due to some heath problems with our youngest child I spend whole weekend at hospital with him and didn't have a chance to say  goodbye to them but they all have  awesome new owners and we know they won't miss us at all.

We wish you all good luck, a lot of precious memories and fabulous life together!


You are now our friends for life!!!

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02.03.2014. Lure Coursing, Zagreb, Sava


 Lure Coursing training & license Zagreb 2014, basenji and husky

 V FCI group regulations


 HR license are laid:


 188 points - Estet Classic Tiramisu (Greyhound)

 182 points - Hazarka Hrabraya (Borzoj)

 180 points - Heidi Klum Komarska (Vipet)

 173 points - Suntribe's Above the Horizon (Basenji)


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15.02.2014. CACIB Rijeka


  Judge: Andrzej Kazmierski (PL)


  One more champion in Bashira family! Our Bashira Abba Georgia finished JCH title today.

   We are so happy!!!  Than you Antonija for being there for us.



   Henry Cameo From Mapabebe ~ Excl., CAC

   Faraonland Sigi Freud ~ Excl., CAC, CACIB, BOB


   Females - junior class: Bashira Abba Georgia ~ Excl., JCAC, JBOB    

 Photo here




We proudly presenting you THE names!


Names inspired by our kids and cartoons that we all enjoy.


Bashira Bolt Bombastic ~ Boy 1

Bashira Bob Incredible ~ Boy 2

Bashira Buzz Lightyear ~ Boy 3

Bashira Betty Boop ~ Girl 1

Bashira Bubbles Powerpuff ~ Girl 2

12.01.2014. We have puppies !!! Asali became a mother !!!



Asali gave birth to 3 males and 2 females !!!


First male (260g), second male (228g), third male (262g).

First female (220g), second female (226g)


Find more details here.


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We couldn't wait for Tuesday after all so went to do X-ray again. And here they are !!!

Five lovely heads and spines ...


We are very, very happy!


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Asali was the X - ray !!!


We went on X - ray today but it seams like we were too early so we go and do it again on Tuesday ...



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