01.12.2017. Our I litter is on the way! Puppies are expected around 03.01.2018!



 Puppies, Fanconi and PRA-BJ Clear, red/white & tricolor


 More about litter I, here.





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01.11.2017. We mated Dexter and Abba! We expect litter in January 2018!



 Red-white puppies expected in combination:


 Male - Suntribe's Above The Horizon - Dexter

                 (Sundevils Howlingfjord & Khani's Tree's Company)

 Female - Bashira Abba Georgia - Abba

               (C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy & Olabisi Chinue Asali)





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20.05.2017. CAC Samobor ~ 21.05.2017. CAC Velika Gorica


  What a weekend!!!   I don't know where to start..... as a breeder I feel sooo  happy and  proud to have  my  friends,

  basenji owners and true breed lovers who can and will replace me when I can't come to a dog show and not just to

  take over handling my dogs but to enter and win BIS breeding group alone in strong competition (6-7 breeding 

  groups entered)!!! Judge: Torsten Lemmer (BG).

  And  we  have  two new  Champions  in the  family.  Bashira Flo Showcar  "Flo"  finished her  JCH title and 

  Shahrans American  Eagle  "Thunder"  has all  CAC's needed  to became  a  Croatian  Champion but need to wait 6  

  months to make it official due to our kennel club rules. 
  Thunder went  BOB  today  (CAC Velika Gorica)  and was  perfectly  handled by one of  Jim's  young owner Franka

  taking  5th place  in Junior  handling.  Our boys  Bashira Eddie Possum  "Jim" and  Bashira Fred Flintstone are on

the way to become Champions too! Jim won BOB yesterday (CAC Samobor) and R.CACIB today (CAC Velika   Gorica)! Jim also won 2nd place in Junior handling with Jim's second young owner Marta.

And one more surprise I got yesterday! Jim owners desinged and made amazing T-Shirts for all of us and   a   flag with beautiful African basenji signs so now Bashira has a new beautiful logo!!! Just amazing!!!  Thank   you so much to each and every one of you. Love you guys!



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13.05.2017. CACIB Varaždin



  Judge: Franjo Kovačev (HR)


  BIS Breeding Group:

  Bashira Flo Showcar & Bashira Fred Flinstone & Bashira Eddie Possum



  Junior class: Bashira Fred Flinstone ~ Excellent, JCAC

  Intermediate class: Bashira Eddie Possum ~ Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS

  Champion class: Shahran's American Eagle ~ Excellent, CAC, RCACIB


  Junior class: Bashira Flo Showcar ~ Excellent, JCAC, JBOB

  Intermediate class: Anansi Mijoja Miniya

                                      Vestoid Rubria ~ Excellent, CAC, RCACIB

  Open class: Momba Tonga Foxtrot ~ Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB


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08.04.2017. Spring! Bashira's gang on the move


  Love spring!!!

  Bashira 's gang on the move.








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18.03.2017. Asali & Les


  Granny Asali (Olabisi Chinue Asali) having fun with Les (Bashira Hercules Hero)









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25.02.2017. CACIB Rijeka



  Judge: Nives Medunjanin (HR)


  Junior class: Bashira Eddie Possum ~ Excellent, JCAC

  Intermediate class: Kingwanas Quizmaster ~ Excellent, CAC

  Open class: Shahrans American Eagle ~ Excellent, CAC, RCACIB

                        Gio. Do. Gio Jimmie ~ Excellent, RCAC

  Champion class: Momba Tonga Charlie ~ CAC, CACIB


  Junior class: Bashira Flo Showcar ~ Excellent

                          Vestoid Rubria ~ Excellent, JCAC, JBOB

  Open class: Jade Lotus Afrikata ~ Excellent, CAC, RCACIB

  Champion class: Anubi's Enigma Gossip Girl ~ Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB


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20.02.2017. Puppies from our H litter are 5 weeks and 5 days old today, they got their names!


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10.01.2017. We have puppies !!! Bubbles became a mother !!!

10.01.2017. Bubbles became a mother!



  Today Bashira Bubbles Powerpuff "Bubbles" gave birth to five beautiful puppies,

  four males and one females!


  Sire: Gandamia Gaiwa Yamaridadi "Simba"

  Dam: Bashira Bubbles Powerpuff "Bubbles"



  More details about H litter,  here.


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