24.11.2018. We have puppies !!! Flo became a mother !!!


24.11.2018. Flo became a mother!


  Today our J litter is born!

  5 red/white males and 1 red/white female.

  Mommy and babies are doing excellent.





  More details  here.



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18.11.2018. Our J litter is on the way! Puppies are expected around 23.11.2018!



 Puppies, Fanconi and PRA-BJ Clear, red/white


 We will probably have one puppy available for reservation!

 Serious inquires are welcome!






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24.09.2018. We mated Komi and Flo! We expect litter in November 2018!



 Male - Adebanke's Everything At Once - Komi

                 (Kazor's Take Me All The Way & Bupe Itapuca)

 Female - Bashira Flo Showcar - Flo

               (Genius Is My middle Name Afrikata & Bashira Abba Georgia)






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08.09.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - CACIB Karlovac!


  08.09.2018. CACIB Karlovac (Croatia), Best in group

  Judge: Slavoljub Andrić (Serbia)


  Breed by Bashira Basenji kennel and owned by Kristina Crkvenac Gornik.

  Presentation: Valentina Zupan





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09.06.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - CACIB Klagenfurt! Crufts Qualifikation!


  09.06.2018. CACIB Klagenfurt (Austria), Best in Show - BIS 3.

  Judge: Štefan Šinko (Slovenia)


  For the first time in Bashira family we have BIS 3 winner.

  Day to remember, Kristina Crikvenac Gornik there are no words that can

  described how proud and happy we have you not only as Jim's owner but as a


  Special thanks to Valentina Zupan for excellent presentation!




  Ch Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim"", BOG and BIS 3.

  Breed judge: Nataša Davidović (Serbia)

  Group judge: Željka fon Zidar (Slovenia)

  BIS judge: Štefan Šinko (Slovenia)






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02.-03.06.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - CACIB Umag!


  02.06.2018. CACIB Umag (Croatia), CAC, CACIB i BOS.

  Judge: Enrico Drudi (San Marino)


  03.06.2018. CACIB Umag (Croatia), CAC i RCACIB

  Judge: John Walsh (Ireland)


  Very proud of his career and huge thanks to his owner Kristina Crkvenac Gornik!



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13.05.2018. Bashira Felix The Cat "Felix" - CAC Samobor!


  13.05.2018. National Dog Show Samobor (Croatia), BOB and RBOG

  Judge: Dušan Travnikar (Serbia)


  Huge thanks to Felix's owner Nini Drvenkar Fućko for making me

  so proud.




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10.-11.03.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - CACIB Banja Luka!


  10.03.2018. CAC Banja Luka (BiH), excellent, CAC, BOB and 3rd BIS.

  Judge: Viktor Shiyan (Ukraina).


  11.03.2018. CACIB Banja Luka (BiH), excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB and


  Judge: Zaza Omarov (Georgia)





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03.03.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - IDS Graz!


  On IDS Graz (Austria), in strong competition (8 entries), Bashira Eddie Possum

  won CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judge, Ms Heidi Kirschbichler (Austria).


  Huge thanks to Jim's owner Kristina Crikvenac Gornik who makes me proud

  to be a breeder and reminds me that all is worth it and to his handler

  Valentina Zupan who is doing amazing job with Jim, because, you all know that

  not many can handle a basenji.




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15.02.-18.02.2018. Bashira Eddie Possum "Jim" - Winter DS Budapest!

  We have first HUNGARY GRAND CHAMPION in our Bashira Family!

  Winter DS Budapest - 4 days - 15.02. - 18.02.2018

  4xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, 2xBOB and Reserve Group Winner

  Huge congratulations to Jim's owner Kristina Crikvenac Gornik for 

  everything you did with him.


  And huge thank you to Jim's handler Valentina Zupan and Anja Anaissa

  Čondrić! You girls are amazing, loving and have so much understanding for 

  such a "special" breed like basenji. We are lucky to have you around!


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28.01.2018. Puppies from our I litter are 3 weeks and 5 days old today, they got their names!


Bashira I Am Legend

Bashira Ice Age

Bashira Incredible Hulk

Bashira Inkheart

Bashira Into The Blue

Bashira Iron Man


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08.01.2018. I litter 6 days old


  Milk bar, open from 0-24, 7 days a week






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02.01.2018. We have puppies !!! Abba became a mother !!!


02.01.2018. Abba became a mother!


  Today, early morning our I litter is born!

  2 red/white males and 4 red/white females.

  All healthy and beautiful marked!

  Mom and babies are doing fine.


  More details  here.


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01.01.2018. ... waiting!



 More about litter I, here.






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