As a small family kennel we breed puppies in our home. Puppies are growing in a family environment with our three children. Their mother is with them all the time, nursing them and socializes with our help. Puppies are cleaned against parasites regularly.


To a new home puppy will leave in the age of 8 weeks.


With each puppy comes:



     The first vaccination

     Veterinary card / passport


     The start package of food and instructions


     Purchase Agreement


     Start package, which includes a necklace, a toy, a blanket with a familiar scent and basic guide for the first days 

     with the puppy.


Breeding is strictly by the HKS and FCI rules. Our dogs have a valid breeding permit and all medical examinations recommended for the breed, which are not mandated by breeding permit. Health and temperament of our dogs is in the first place.


Each owner will be carefully selected. It is extremely important to us that our puppy is placed in a good and loving home. The future owners are expected to be educated about the Basenjis before they decide to take this special breed.


We will ask every buyer to stay in touch with us in order to be able to monitor the growth and development of our puppy and quality of his/her life. If you have any questions or need additional information feel free to contact us at any time.


If you are interested in a puppy don’t hesitate to contact us.