We are a small family kennel that breeds basenjis since year 2011.


With three children, two girls and one boy, our dogs are part of our family and they are primarily our pets. Our dogs are bred strictly by the love towards this amazing breed and it is extremely important for us that our dogs are happy and surrounded with daily love like every living being deserves. Health of our puppies is very important to us and of course Basenji standard.


Our dogs have all medical tests that are recommended for the breed no matter that they are not mandatory to CKC (Croatian Kennel Club). Medical tests are done in Slovenia in veterinary clinics and/or laboratories by specialists for certain diseases that cannot be done in Croatia.


Dogs are bred in our home surrounded with our kids and they have closecontact with us since their birth. We give big importance to the character of the breed with careful selection of future owners to make sure that we give puppy a good home.


Breeding has started quite accidentally.


We decided to get Basenji 12 years ago but with family responsibilities we bought our first bitch Olabisi Chinue Asali in Austria 2010. Soon it became clear that we cannot stop at one Basenji. Because this is a dog that has litter only once a year in the fall/winter we began to plan the purchase of a male very soon after Asali's arrival. While searching our first basenji, we become aware of how unknown they are in Croatia and how difficult it is to come up with some useful information so we have decided to create a web page with all sorts of useful information about the breed. We felt that Basenji as one very unusual and special breed does not deserve to remain unknown and unpopular. We hoped that by creating themed web site, we will be able to change that. We invested a lot of time and effort to achieve this and with the help of one dear friend our website is now on our great pride.


It is difficult task to popularize the breed and requires a lot of effort, so we decided to go to dog shows and dog revue and we enjoyed it. With good success and very positive experience we quickly fell in love in exhibitions, and our girls have begun to participate on them.


The idea of breeding arose spontaneously, and in that moment there was no active breeders in Croatia. We have successfully registered a kennel named BASHIRA, which means "One who predicts good things to come". We sincerely hope to justify the significance of the name.


We had our first litter in the year 2012 and every day we gain a lot of positive experiences and new friends. We are fully devoted to this wonderful breed and we hope that our passion and love successfully passed on because Basenji deserves that.


Bashira Team ~ Nikolina, Tomislav, Jana, Katija and Toma


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